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Windows users... at last! If you're feeling adventurous, here is a BETA version out there for Comic Life for Windows!
One of my AWEsome kids (Chris K!) downloaded it at home and brought in a comic page that he had designed using it he said it was great!

What the application looks like:

external image c_life01.jpg

More About Comic Life:

By Graham K. Rogers
"When I was a kid, I had a voracious appetite for comics, particularly Superman, Batman, and horror. Although many people criticise the medium, this was part of a love for all reading. In the 1980s, I saw a series of Shakespeare plays in comic form. Coincidentally, the Bangkok Post, Sunday edition (16 Oct) carried articles on using comics to introduce history.

If you want to make your own, perhaps to provide information or amusement for your children, you would find Comic Life (v 1.2.1) invaluable. Plasq produces an OSX only application enabling easy (and swift) construction of comics, with several formats to choose from. It integrates with the iPohoto library allowing images to be inserted. Export is also in several formats.
When the application is opened, a working screen is offered. First is a blank page, which depends on the format (e.g. A4 or tabloid): there are 30 to choose from. Also shown are a series of page templates for the panels on the page (more can be added); a window that displays the iPhoto Library; and the balloon types to drag and drop.
external image c_life01.jpg

What you bring to the comic are ideas and sufficient images. As well as iPhoto, images may be dragged from the Finder (desktop) or imported using a video source.
Making a comic, once you have the ingredients, is rapid. Each element of the panel, image, balloon or caption can be resized and repositioned. Each can be dragged to overlay other panels in exactly the way one can see in a professionally created comic-book. Any overlap depends on the order of insertion: the last item will be on the top. However, it is easy to delete and re-create.
Depending on which element is selected, there are different themes that can be applied. With text balloons, for example, there are 25 different styles, and fonts may also be changed. As the application is written for OSX, it handles Unicode languages and this includes Thai.
I particularly liked the lettering effect with its several possible styles including "Ghoul": invaluable for writing in the horror g