CLC/First Class Teacher Home Page Directions Using a Template

It's easy to make and update a teacher homepage using the built in WYSIWYG program within CLC/First class. Create a teacher webpage template with the help of your OMET tech rep or contact Gwyneth Jones for a quick development session. Just copy that to your Home Page folder and make changes, close the document and you have a webpage up on the Internet just like that! In minutes, you can have a sleek webpage to post homework, greetings, pictures, podcasts, and more!

Bringing Your Template File into Your Home Page Folder

To use the attached template file from the inservice eMail as your default Home Page, follow these directions:

• Log into your CLC account.

• Open the email with the CLC Teacher Webpage (Home Page) Template attachment.

(Check the prof dev and tech folder on the MHMS conference - there is a copy of it there...)

• Open your Home Page Folder – if it’s not already on your desktop go to: File > Open > Home Page. Now it is!

• Drag and drop the Home Page attachment from the email to your Home Page Folder.



• Do not delete the little red icon on the top of the page or the image.

• Do NOT change the name of the File. The name needs to remain Home Page.

Editing your Home Page

• Double Click on the Home Page icon in the Home Page folder.

• Highlight any text you wish to change and retype. (For instance, change the word Name to your name.



Link it, Baby!


4. To add a link put your cursor were the link should appear. Then from the Insert drop down menu select Link.

5. Either type the new URL or copy and paste the URL from a web browser in the Target URL field. Link Title is the title that pops up when the cursor hovers over the link. Last, select OK.

6. A red oval with an arrow will appear. Place the cursor next to the arrow. Type a “student friendly” name for the website. As you type you will notice it becomes a link (blue and underlined).

7. Close the window to save the changes. Open a web browser and type your URL ( log in name, for example If that doesn’t work try your firstname_lastname for example Check the new link to make sure it works. Links are only active when viewed on a web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc…). The links are not active in the CLC Home Page folder.

Adding Your Picture to Your Home Page

Save the picture I sent you (or any you like) to your desktop. Open your Home Page screen and click where you wish your picture to be placed. Click center if you want it centered. For your main picture for your MHMS teacher personal web page we would like your picture centered with your email address underneath.


Save The Pic To Your Desktop

Open Your Home Page Folder

Open Your Home Page File

Click Where You Want To Put The Picture Make Sure It's Centered

Then Go To Insert>Image


Choose The Image

Now Drag that image into your Home Page folder from the desktop, that way if anything happens to your file you can re-insert it.

And Voila!


Download the above as a WORD document

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Dowload the HCPSS QRC as a WORD document

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Download the PC/Win version of CLC Web Pages

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